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NLP Therapy – Time Therapy Therapy – Therapy Hypnosis by Dr. Nguyen Trong Giap to Remove the Phobia – Using Hypnosis Therapy and Behavioral Methods to Remove the Phobia of Being Afraid. Hypnosis helps you how to achieve a relaxed state. The loosening is reinforced by deepening and hints of hypnotic therapy to enhance your ability to remember the inner calmness and peace you have gained in the hypnotic state.


When you are ready, you go into a state of being and maintain it. Then you slowly and gradually confront a hierarchy of anxiety stimuli. Now you proceed at a comfortable pace, gradually ‘not learning’ the worries associated with the stimulus, when the body and mind learn to experience alternative relaxation. In essence, you are learning to relax in a powerful and powerful way with hypnosis.



Then you take deep relaxation into mind and your body is gradually confronted with the facets of obsession, going forward just that you are still feeling comfortable and confident. This way you are ‘anxious not to learn’ and ‘learn to relax and be confident in your experience with the stimuli that previously aroused anxiety / obsession. In the hypnotic healing process, your subconscious mind receives a hypnotic suggestion to erase your past patterns and experiences for anxiety, and to reinforce confidence, comfort, peace and ability. Your power comes from the hypnosis to overcome fear, anxiety, fear and insecurity. Anxiously learned lesson. And anything can be learned from that experience. It is wonderful with hypnosis therapy expert Nguyen Trong Giap has been built to empower and free you from the phobia and fear phobia anxiety.