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Discovering Resolutions

Hypnosis for Healing and Discovery

Hypnosis is a marvelous tool for healing emotionally and physically and for overcoming fears and blocks.

During hypnosis, we feel at ease physically, while feeling fully awake mentally. We achieve an altered, but natural state, in which blood pressure and heart rate decrease, and our brain waves shift to a slightly different frequency. This change in our physical and mental state allows us to concentrate fully, understand the source of our feelings and respond to suggestions that are in our best interest.
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Discover and Resolve the Source of Strong Feelings

When we find ourselves repeatedly reacting to situations in ways that are either counter-productive or out of proportion to the event, it creates discomfort for us. Whether we over-react or under-react, there is still a feeling of confusion and lack of control over our own responses.

Often, although we may not be aware of it, the sources of these reactions may not be related to the current events. Instead, we are experiencing automatic responses triggered by a stimulus that is similar to one that occurred in our past.

The subconscious mind is designed to learn quickly and to create "shortcuts" to speed our ability to respond to recurring or highly emotional situations. Particularly in situations that were originally perceived as dangerous or threatening (perhaps in the mind of a child), the subconscious mind creates connections that "fire off" as soon as a situation with similar stimuli occurs.

Hypnosis and energy techniques allow us to uncover the messages that we stored in ourselves when we first created the "short cut" and to provide our subconscious mind with new interpretations and responses that are more appropriate to our current view of life.

While clients sometimes express fear about addressing these underlying emotions, they most often find it a pleasant relief to identify and release old emotions that no longer serve a purpose. Knowing that the emotions and memories have been in us and causing us problems all along makes it easier to take the steps necessary to move them out so we can be free of them.

The goal is not to define the results and aim for them, but rather to open the doors that have been rattling and allow the ideas and behaviors that have become uncomfortable for us to move, leaving space for new ideas and behaviors to take over.

Our work will always be careful and gentle. I have found that even past upsets are more difficult for people to deal with when they are "stuffed" inside, than when they are brought out of the subconscious and their intensity is neutralized. This is when true healing begins.

Please note: I do not perform hypnosis to "recover" memories. It is my understanding that the details of memories consist of emotions and interpretations from both the time of the memory and other life experiences. My approach, therefore, is to suggest that clients discover for themselves understandings of the messages and feelings associated with memories and determine if those messages and feelings are serving them well today.

Information regarding the techniques used for emotional healing can be found here.

**Depending on the situation, physician or counselor referrals may be required. Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.

Related topics: Eliminate mental blocks and Letting go of guilt and anger and
Overcome Fears and Phobias
, Past Life Regression

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Dealing with Grief, Loss and Care-giving

o Grief
o Dealing with loss
o Healing during and after care-giving
o Feelings of loss, anger, guilt, security, and identity related to loss

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Eliminate Mental Blocks

Goal setting, motivation, and mental blocks

Exploration and resolution of limiting beliefs and fears through hypnotherapy can provide a new freedom to accomplish your goals.

Sometimes it feels like we just can't get past something. We take a test and always miss just enough questions to miss the grade. No matter how well we do our job, we just can't seem to feel comfortable or confident to take the next step. In golf, we shoot a personal best through 16 holes, then fall apart for the last two holes and end with the same score we always have.

These mental blocks often stem from inner beliefs we have about our ability or worthiness to get what we are after. Getting beyond these beliefs is not a matter of will-power or practice, although both of those will play a part in our future success.

Truly moving beyond limiting beliefs is accomplished by replacing those thoughts and feelings at the source - the subconscious mind.

Fertility ~ Pregnancy ~ IVF ~ Invitro Fertilization

Work in this area has been successful for people who are having difficulty conceiving a child with no medical explanations for the problem.Relaxation during the conception process (including IVF) creates a welcome environment for acceptance and growth of new life.

Exploration and resolution of limiting beliefs and fears through hypnotherapy has been shown to increase the positive results of invitro fertilization.

Information regarding the techniques used for emotional healing, including regression to cause, can be found here.

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Improve Body Image
o Body Image

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Letting go of guilt and anger

o Forgiveness
o Guilt Release
o Anger Management

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Overcome Fears and Phobias

phobias, anxiety and fear, performance anxietyo Fears and Phobias – needles, blood, animals, enclosed places, heights, fire, water, medical procedures…
o Fear of Dentist
o Fear of Flying
o Fear of Heights

dog show handlers, actors, sports performance, academic

traumatic memories

regression to cause

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Personal Exploration

o Exploration
o Higher Understanding
o Personal Exploration
o Self Knowledge

other points of interest
o Past Life Exploration

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*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.

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Index of Uses for Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and Mental Performance Training

 Acting / Actors
 Anger Management*
 Anxiety and Fear*
 BAR Exam
 Bed Wetting

 Body Image
 Cancer Treatment*
 Child Birth

 Children's Issues
 Chronic Fatigue*
 Chronic Pain*
 Cigarette Smoking
 Creativity Increased

 Dog Show Handlers
 Emotional Healing*
 Emotions Resolved*
 Exercise Enthusiasm
 Fears and Phobias*
 Fear of Dentist
 Fear of Dogs
 Fear of Flying
 Fear of Heights
 Fear of Needles
 Fertility Relaxation
 Fibromyalgia Relief*
 Goal Setting
 Golf Performance
 Guided Imagery
 Guilt Release
 Habits Overcome
 Habits - Nail Biting
 Habits - Smoking
 Heal Injuries Faster
 Health - IBS*
 Health - Smoking
 Health - Weight
 Higher Understanding
 Irritable Bowel* 
 Mannerisms and tics
 Mental Blocks
 Mental Performance
 Pain Management*
 Past Life Regression
 Performance Anxiety
 Performance - Actors
 Performance - Sports
 Performance - Sales
 Performance - School
 Performance - Tests
 Personal Exploration

 Phantom Limb Pain 
 Public Speaking
 Quit Smoking
 Radiation Treatment*
 Regression to Cause
 Resolving Emotions*
Sales Confidence
 SAT Tests
 Self Confidence
 Self-Defeating Behavior
 Self Esteem
 Self Knowledge
 Sleep Peacefully
 Smoking Cessation
 Social Comfort

 Sound Healing
 Sound Sensitivity
 Sports Perf
 Sports - Bowling
 Sports - Equestrian
 Sports - Golf
 Sports - Tennis
 Stress Reduction
 Study Skills
 Surgical Preparation
 Surgery Recovery
 Test Performance
 Test Anxiety
 Traumatic Memories*
 Weight Mgt

*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.