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Discovering Resolutions

Hypnosis for Health and Tranquility

Taking advantage of the full capabilities of the mind, hypnosis can teach us how to master our own states of awareness. From this new position of strength and control, we can then positively affect our bodily functions and psychological responses.

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Comfort During Medical and Dental Treatments

The benefits of using hypnosis and self-hypnosis to deal with the physical and emotional reactions to medical procedures have been scientifically documented.

o Cancer Treatment
o Chemotherapy
o Radiation Treatment
o Child Birth
o Hypnobirthing

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Eliminate Unwanted Habits and Behaviors
o Habits Overcome
o Habits - Nail Biting
§ Habits – Smoking
o Bed Wetting
§ Clutter
§ Regression to cause
§ Eliminate self-defeating behaviors

Misophonia - Misophonia is the label given to a strong dislike or hatred of certain sounds. People with misophonia experience a negative, frustrated or angry response to sounds such as gum popping, chewing, bags rustling or throat clearing. While the problem is recognized and appears to occur to varying degrees for many people, conventional medicine does not have a solution for this life-altering problem. People with misophonia find their lives changed by the need to anticipate and avoid certain sounds which occur in our everyday environments. Some experience rage, disgust and the need to flee situations which occur regularly at home, at work and in social situations.

Each person is different and it is not possible to promise a solution for every client, however, some clients who have come to me for this issue have found significant to complete relief after years of suffering. If you are struggling with an inability to tolerate certain sounds and would like to discuss the possibilities for gaining freedom from this frustrating issue, give me a call or drop me an email and we can arrange for a free, no obiligation phone consultation to see if you feel that this work can help you now.

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Manage Chronic Pain and Syndromes
o Chronic Fatigue
o Chronic Pain
o Fibromyalgia Relief
o Irritable Bowel
o Health – IBS
o Pain Management
§ Heal Injuries Faster

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o Meditation
§ Insomnia
§ Self Knowledge

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Relief from Headaches
o Headaches
o Migraines
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Sleep Peacefully
o Insomnia
o Sleep peacefully
§ Meditation
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Smoking Cessation

The smoking cessation program I provide requires a commitment, a contract of sorts, to two sessions over a period of two to five days, with an optional third session within 7-10 days of the second. The first session is 2.5 to 3 hours and the subsequent session is 1.5 hours in length.

By paying in full at your first session, you are committing to attend the first two sessions and to be completely willing to let your inner mind make the process of becoming a non-smoker easy and comfortable for you.

Everyone responds differently to hypnosis, but it has been found that repeated sessions reinforce the experience and have the greatest rate of continued success. The fact that your sessions will be personalized, rather than generic group hypnosis, has also been shown to be statistically significant when measuring success. The addition of the creation of a personalized recording for you to listen to repeatedly is another element of this program which supports your success.

Many clients find they are smoke free after the first session and they use the second session to get even more help with maintaining success. Some clients are very proud to find that they have cut more than they could have imagined after one session and they return for the second session to deepen and solidify their success.

Everyone is different and you and I both work with what is true for you as an individual. I will also create personalized recordings for you to use between sessions and in the future to maintain and grow your new habit of being smoke free!

This program does require your commitment to be open to change and a willingness to take responsibility for practicing the tools you learn during your sessions. You are also committing to listen daily to the recordings we create during your first session for at least 21 days.

While your commitment is critical, this is not about will power. It is not about trying, it is about doing. You may have experience with “trying” to “stop smoking” using will power in the past, and it was not successful. Hypnosis and consciousness coaching is about supporting your will power and personal decision to quit smoking with acceptance and changing beliefs and behaviors from the inside – the key to success as you become a non-smoker.

Your job, is to give yourself permission to allow yourself to change the beliefs and habits that kept you smoking in the past. We will accomplish that by using techniques and creating suggestions that have been designed specifically for you to help you achieve your goal of leaving cigarettes behind in your past and moving forward to a healthier present and future.

Of course, coping well with any outside stressors will help you with your comfort and success. My program includes teaching you multiple techniques for dealing with those situations and for triggering relaxation states quickly and easily.

An important part of this work is taking responsibility for yourself, including helping me to help you by learning and employing the simple tools I teach to make changing your beliefs and experiences much easier as you remember and re-embody yourself as a non-smoker. Please contact me when you know you are ready to commit, with the support of what I offer, to be completely free of smoking now.

Payment for the total cost of the initial two session program is due during our first session.

The optional third session is available to you for additional support at a discounted price.

To see the fees to stop smoking now, please click here: fees-smoking

Here is my favorite Quit Counter - for tracking all of your progress as you become a non-smoker!

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Speed Recovery and Increase comfort from Injuries and Surgery
o Burns
§ Cancer Treatment
o Heal Injuries Faster
o Surgical Preparation
o Surgery Recovery

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Stress Reduction and Relaxation
Fertility Relaxation
o Stress Reduction

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Weight Management

My work with clients, in all cases, is completely personalized. I work with you to come to understand your goals, your history, and what has kept you from achieving those goals in the past.

I believe that people know what needs to happen for them to lose weight. They know, intimately, how they feel about themselves and their situation and what has seemed to stand in their way, although that knowledge may be more on an unconscious level than a conscious one. Therefore, I work to help clients find and resolve the "empty" or other feelings that block them from employing the food and exercise behaviors that would allow them to achieve their goals.

Hypnosis is very powerful, not just for suggesting new behaviors, but, more importantly, for overcoming limiting or painful thoughts and beliefs about ourselves (some we did not even know we had) that have prevented us from attaining our full potential. We increase the enthusiasm for more supportive behaviors by eliminating the thoughts and beliefs that have been unconsciously or consciously getting in the way. By resolving the divisive inner feelings that make us feel stuck, we open the possibilities for movement like clearing the debris from a stream and restoring its flow.

Most people who work with me in this way see me for about 6 sessions over a period
of 2-3 months. A combination of deep personal work and recordings created during the sessions helps them to shift into a mode of self-maintenance and self-support that they can continue on their own.

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*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.

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Discovering Resolutions LLC and Kelly Hilton provide hypnosis (often referred to as hypnotherapy) for health enhancement, personal growth, smoking cessation, pain management *, weight management, fertility, recovering from injuries *, anxiety *, depression *, worry, focus, stuttering, mannerisms, habits, stress management, sports performance, golf improvement, test performance, children , bed wetting, de-cluttering, sales motivation, self-esteem, and emotional support and exploration.

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Index of Uses for Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and Mental Performance Training

 Acting / Actors
 Anger Management*
 Anxiety and Fear*
 BAR Exam
 Bed Wetting

 Body Image
 Cancer Treatment*
 Child Birth

 Children's Issues
 Chronic Fatigue*
 Chronic Pain*
 Cigarette Smoking
 Creativity Increased

 Dog Show Handlers
 Emotional Healing*
 Emotions Resolved*
 Exercise Enthusiasm
 Fears and Phobias*
 Fear of Dentist
 Fear of Dogs
 Fear of Flying
 Fear of Heights
 Fear of Needles
 Fertility Relaxation
 Fibromyalgia Relief*
 Goal Setting
 Golf Performance
 Guided Imagery
 Guilt Release
 Habits Overcome
 Habits - Nail Biting
 Habits - Smoking
 Heal Injuries Faster
 Health - IBS*
 Health - Smoking
 Health - Weight
 Higher Understanding
 Irritable Bowel* 
 Mannerisms and tics
 Mental Blocks
 Mental Performance
 Pain Management*
 Past Life Regression
 Performance Anxiety
 Performance - Actors
 Performance - Sports
 Performance - Sales
 Performance - School
 Performance - Tests
 Personal Exploration

 Phantom Limb Pain 
 Public Speaking
 Quit Smoking
 Radiation Treatment*
 Regression to Cause
 Resolving Emotions*
Sales Confidence
 SAT Tests
 Self Confidence
 Self-Defeating Behavior
 Self Esteem
 Self Knowledge
 Sleep Peacefully
 Smoking Cessation
 Social Comfort

 Sound Healing
 Sound Sensitivity
 Sports Perf
 Sports - Bowling
 Sports - Equestrian
 Sports - Golf
 Sports - Tennis
 Stress Reduction
 Study Skills
 Surgical Preparation
 Surgery Recovery
 Test Performance
 Test Anxiety
 Traumatic Memories*
 Weight Mgt

*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.