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What is Hypnosis and How Can It Help?

What are Guided Imagery and Mental Performance Training?

How are Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching incorporated into sessions?


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of being; one in which we spend much of our time, without even being aware of it. Have you experienced periods of time where you had such focused attention on an event or an effort that you simply "left" or lost track of what was going on around you? Perhaps while reading, working on a project, or being fully engrossed in a conversation with a friend at a restaurant?

Our minds are designed to do so much more than the literal processing of information. Listening to stories, watching movies and reading books all allow us to use our imaginations to experience events as if we were truly there. Our minds and senses welcome the opportunity to allow our powerful imaginations to fill in the blanks, add the colors and mix in our own past experiences in order to convert words, ideas and sounds into complete pictures into which we can step.

Brain studies have shown that the reactions in our brains to situations we imagine are the same as to those situations we actually experience. Hypnosis takes advantage of this fact to help us identify and change limiting beliefs and emotional and physical reactions and to give us access to greater happiness, understanding and success.

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OK. So we all do it. Call it daydreaming, zoning out, whatever. So how is hypnosis a good tool for solving problems, dealing with habits and discovering new resources within us?

During hypnosis, as in meditation, the conscious critical mind is by-passed as we focus inwardly and achieve a deep state of relaxed concentration. Quieting the chatter in our conscious mind on a regular basis puts us in a position to better understand ourselves and to fully access the resources within us in order to feel well and to attain our full potential.

The hypnotic state also puts us in the perfect position to understand what habits, thoughts, beliefs or experiences may be blocking us from making the changes we want to make. We can make connections between what is missing in our lives and what we need to do to accomplish our goals and achieve happiness.

In the state of hypnosis, we can use imagery, suggestion and various other techniques to move from unwanted behaviors, thought or feelings - including physical pains - to more positive and supportive alternatives. In this way, we remove limitations we may have unconsciously put on our selves.

This part of our mind that is so powerful and creative holds the key to our health, habits, behaviors, fears and beliefs. Making the choice to use this key opens doors to whole new ways of feeling, behaving and understanding.

Regular access to this inner, powerful part of ourselves builds skills and connections that actually put us in the position of creating new choices and improving our performance and understandings in physical, mental, emotional and social situations. We can change our lives.

I always stress that hypnosis is a process which makes use of natural states of mind to help us better understand ourselves. It is not magic . It requires work and, for some issues, regular practice. A willingness to have change occur within us is critical to the process. If you are truly willing to be free of your fears, habits, pain and negative emotions and ready to accept the possibility of becoming the person, performer, athlete or student you wish to become - hypnosis can help.

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Movies and hypnosis stage shows give the impression that people are under the control of the hypnotist. Is that what happens in hypnosis? Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Nobody loves a good stage hypnosis show more than I do, but I they do cause some confusion for people who want to understand hypnosis and how it works.

First, let’s come to the understanding that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. That is, the person “being” hypnotized, is actually in control at their very deepest level. When we work together, I consider myself to be a facilitator, rather than a hypnotist. I am simply facilitating as you learn to use your mind to identify inner resources, solve your own problems and achieve your goals.

By definition, hypnosis involves a choice to lower conscious thinking and bring forward our inner, subconscious mind. Since our inner mind is the place where we store our values and beliefs, those values and beliefs are completely available to us and guiding us under hypnosis.

Our inner mind is also where we have full access to our creativity and imagination. Stage shows make use of our imaginations and self-hypnosis. In a stage show, participants have, by virtue of their attendance and participation, agreed to explore, in an entertaining way, the incredible power of their minds and imaginations to create a world of sensations.

While watching a stage hypnosis participant look for their missing belly-button, or answer a shoe phone, just think "What incredible power our mind has to create realities and possibilities where we thought there were none!".

I am sometimes asked if a person can get "stuck" in hypnosis. Since hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of concentration, you are always able to return to a fully alert state as you need or desire to.

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How will I feel when I experience hypnosis?

You will find that you experience some very familiar feelings while under hypnosis. Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation, along with the ability to focus fully, as they might when they are reading a good book or fully involved in a project. If you think about the sensations that you have when you become conscious of how you are feeling just before you go to sleep, that is often a feeling people describe as being a part of their hypnotic experience.

Some people enjoy even deeper sensations during hypnosis. Those include feelings of heaviness or, for some, floating. Other feel a pleasant ability to see and sense colors, thoughts and images with particular clarity and intensity.

I am often asked if you will remember what happens under hypnosis. Most clients remember everything. Occasionally, a client goes very deeply into hypnosis and may not immediately remember the entire session. For clients like this, I make the suggestion during hypnosis that you will remember everything and, because your subconscious mind accepts that suggestion, you do.

Whatever you experience, it will most likely be so very pleasant and comfortable that it is something you will be interested in experiencing again. That is why I work with all of my clients to build their self-hypnosis skills.
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How will I know if it works? What benefits will I see?

As they achieve success with hypnosis, people notice positive shifts in thinking, feelings and behaviors. These include stress reduction, performance and learning enhancement, smoking cessation, improved comfort levels, weight loss, blood pressure stabilization, IBS symptom reduction, pain reduction, improved sleep, release of panic, anxiety, fears or bad habits, confidence and self-esteem building.
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Is hypnosis safe for use with children?

Hypnosis, by nature, is both safe and beneficial for anyone when used by a caring and competent hypnotist, and when the client is ready for change.

Children are particularly capable of benefiting from hypnosis, because their minds are closer to the hypnotic state naturally and regularly. A good hypnotist is able to engage the child's imagination and interests in order to help them discover and integrate comfortable, easy solutions to problems and issues.
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How many sessions will I need to achieve my goal?

Hypnosis is not magic, although it can often seem to be when it brings great change and relief quickly and easily. It is a tool we can use to reverse old ways of thinking and initiate new forms of behavior and feeling.

Most clients notice changes following the first session, and achieve their goals in just three to five sessions. Some more complex problems may take longer - up to 10 or 12 sessions. On the other hand, there are clients who, depending on the complexity of their issues, gain complete resolution in just one or two sessions.

Once I understand your needs more fully, I will be better able to give you an estimate of the number of session recommended to address your specific issue.
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What should I look for in a hypnotist?

At this time, hypnosis is not a licensed profession. Certification from a recognized professional group, however, is an important qualification to look for when seeking a hypnotist. Organizations such as The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), through which I am certified, provide structured curriculums, continuing education, and an ethical structure that ensures you are working with a qualified professional.

Beyond that, look for a person with whom you feel very comfortable. Is this a person with whom you feel you can share and not be judged? Do they present themselves in a way that makes you comfortable and allows you to trust them to work in your best interest? Do they respect your feelings and thoughts and listen carefully as you discuss your concerns?

A good hypnotist will provide clear and useful information and fully involve you in the process of developing the right approach for you to achieve your goals.
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Can you explain the differences and similarities between hypnosis and mental performance training?

Kelly works with consciousness. She has spent many years deepening her understanding of how human consciousness works, how it gets stuck, and what methods have been used by societies and individuals for thousands of years to improve our conscious experience. Hypnosis is a shift in brainwave states that occurs naturally throughout the day. In this work, we use those brainwave states as a doorway to positive changes in thinking, feeling and experiencing.

Mental performance training also takes advantage of Kelly's deep knowledge of human consciousness. It involves employing brainwaves states, imagery, self-exploration, rehearsal, and the natural knowings of the body and mind to support your performance.
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Tell me more about Life Coaching and Spiritual Coaching sessions

Over her years of practice, clients have found wisdom and knowledge in this work that goes beyond simply solving a single problem with hypnosis or energy work. Kelly's personal journey has included rich experiences and teachings regarding spirituality and the human experience. She shares that knowledge in all sessions.

Clients began to seek Kelly out specifically for help with meditation, inner-work, spiritual exploration, and self-awareness. As Kelly teaches about consciousness, various ancient and modern spiritual teachings, and the application of this knowledge to daily living, clients have found that they get whole new perspectives on their own journeys.
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Wow - this is some cool stuff! What else do I need to know?

While hypnosis can provide remarkable results in healing of physical, mental and emotional pain, hypnotists are not counselors or medical professionals. They employ the techniques of hypnosis to assist you to overcome obstacles and realize new options, thus healing yourself.

Hypnosis is a marvelous tool that can be used to accomplish amazing changes in our health, habits and well-being - often in less time than other, more conventional methods. It is not, however, a substitute for proper medical treatment or counseling.
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Physician referrals may be required for pain, anxiety and other issues.

*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.

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Index of Uses for Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and Mental Performance Training

 Acting / Actors
 Anger Management*
 Anxiety and Fear*
 BAR Exam
 Bed Wetting

 Body Image
 Cancer Treatment*
 Child Birth

 Children's Issues
 Chronic Fatigue*
 Chronic Pain*
 Cigarette Smoking
 Creativity Increased

 Dog Show Handlers
 Emotional Healing*
 Emotions Resolved*
 Exercise Enthusiasm
 Fears and Phobias*
 Fear of Dentist
 Fear of Dogs
 Fear of Flying
 Fear of Heights
 Fear of Needles
 Fertility Relaxation
 Fibromyalgia Relief*
 Goal Setting
 Golf Performance
 Guided Imagery
 Guilt Release
 Habits Overcome
 Habits - Nail Biting
 Habits - Smoking
 Heal Injuries Faster
 Health - IBS*
 Health - Smoking
 Health - Weight
 Higher Understanding
 Irritable Bowel* 
 Mannerisms and tics
 Mental Blocks
 Mental Performance
 Pain Management*
 Past Life Regression
 Performance Anxiety
 Performance - Actors
 Performance - Sports
 Performance - Sales
 Performance - School
 Performance - Tests
 Personal Exploration

 Phantom Limb Pain 
 Public Speaking
 Quit Smoking
 Radiation Treatment*
 Regression to Cause
 Resolving Emotions*
Sales Confidence
 SAT Tests
 Self Confidence
 Self-Defeating Behavior
 Self Esteem
 Self Knowledge
 Sleep Peacefully
 Smoking Cessation
 Social Comfort

 Sound Healing
 Sound Sensitivity
 Sports Perf
 Sports - Bowling
 Sports - Equestrian
 Sports - Golf
 Sports - Tennis
 Stress Reduction
 Study Skills
 Surgical Preparation
 Surgery Recovery
 Test Performance
 Test Anxiety
 Traumatic Memories*
 Weight Mgt

*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.