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Accepting Awareness Hypnotic Meditation
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Regardless of the specific "problem" for which a client contacts me, there is a common element in each situation - a repeating and ever-present inner struggle with thoughts and feelings.

I created this recording for clients to use several times per week in order to gain freedom from that internal struggle while naturally building their self-hypnosis and meditation skills.

Kelly Hilton, accepting awareness, hypnosis cd, meditation CD, Prema Maja, Adyashanti
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So many of my clients and colleagues received significant benefits from it, that I decided to make it available to others.
~ ~
Amazing! Your voice put me in a trance state and in touch with
the awareness even before the message came through.

You have created a beautiful tool!

Dr. Randine Lewis - Author of The Way of the Fertile Soul

Accepting Awareness is a hypnotic meditation which combines elements of hypnosis with a guided meditative approach. Using a comforting, relaxing flow of words and images, it promotes release of the grasping and struggling of the mind and the return to a natural state of peace and acceptance.

Accepting Awareness focuses on gently reminding the deepest part of you of the complete acceptance, awareness, clarity and peace that are your true nature. Since it is that deepest part of you that controls the decisions you make and reactions you have, the more clarity you gain within, the more peacefully and authentically you find yourself functioning.

" I was taking a flight and feeling tense because the passenger next to me was encroaching on my space. I put on the headphones and listened to Accepting Awareness for the first time. Afterward, I found that I was very relaxed and, not only did the woman next to me no longer bother me, but I felt compassion for her! Somehow, just listening improved my outlook immediately."  
T.P.  Towson, Md.

This recording is very different from other self-hypnosis CDs. Beginning with the reading of a moving and enlightening essay by Dr. Prema Maja, it creates an immediate sense of calm, hope, and expansive opportunity. In just minutes, the connection to rigid patterns of thinking is broken and the listener begins to float in a state of openness and possibility.

Listening repeatedly assists you in achieving and making regular use of a brain wave state that is ideal for naturally opening your own deeper experience of your true nature. Frequent listeners easily achieve a very deep level of relaxation and a connection with consciousness that allows them more comfort and ease in a variety of situations.

" What an extraordinary gift this CD has been for me! Accepting Awareness has served as a most special tool in quieting the mind, soothing the soul, and opening that inner door to eternal knowledge and wisdom. An amazing way to begin my day! Thank you, Kelly."  
T.M.  Baltimore, Md.

Because this recording creates a deep hypnotic experience, you may find that you notice periods of time where you do not necessarily hear all of the words. That’s fine. Perfect, really. It means that you are shifting into a state where your powerful inner mind continues to listen and explore the ideas being presented while your conscious mind takes a much-needed rest.

Hypnosis CD, Guided Meditation CD, Kelly Hilton, self-hypnosis, Prema Maja, Adayshanti
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Accepting Awareness Hypnotic Meditation
Online sales not currently available

The peaceful, beautiful design of the CD and the accompanying booklet add to the experience of this recording. The design itself draws you into a relaxed, open state. The music, words and tone work together to create a natural brainwave state which allows changes to occur quickly and easily.

Listeners who would like to immerse themselves more deeply the ideas presented in this recording may wish to explore the teachings available from:
Pema Chodron
Cheri Huber
Eckhart Tolle
The Book "I Am That"
Ramana Maharshi




*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.

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*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.