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Discovering Resolutions

Tools and Techniques

Tools and Techniques which may be employed to change consciousness.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and
Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

I have found two "energy based" techniques to be highly effective for my clients. Both of these tools have allowed clients to quickly resolve feelings, cravings, fears and a host of other issues. Because the techniques are simple and easy to learn, they have the added benefit of being available as a tool for clients both inside and outside of my office.

Both of these techniques have at least a partial basis in the understanding that our systems contain energy, carried through pathways, or meridians, throughout our bodies.

Disruptions in the energy carried through this system of meridians can create a wide variety of pains, confusion, fears and intense emotional feelings. Chinese medicine has long recognized the importance of balanced energy within our systems in order to thrive and to avoid illnesses.

EFT involves tapping on acupuncture meridians that provide stress-relief, as we talk about your issue. You do the tapping yourself and my experience is that clients experience rapid and lasting reductions in emotional intensity associated with their issues.

When we meet, be sure to ask me about how I have seen EFT completely neutralize the emotional intensity some Vietnam vets felt regarding war memories that had tortured them for decades!

TAT involves holding, rather than tapping, certain acupressure points, while processing thoughts related to your issue in a specific way. I am always amazed and please to see how this simple procedure allows people to quikcly attain clarity and resolution regarding problems.
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Mental Performance Training

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Guided Imagery

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Regression to Cause

Regression to cause is a term used to describe the process of using our subconscious mind to connect to the initial situation or feelings that are the source of an obstacle or emotion in our lives today.

In my practice, this is not done to "recover" specific memories, but rather to find out what messages and beliefs we created in the past that are limiting us now.

Details of memories are combined with emotions and interpretations from both the time of the memory and other life experiences. Who we were and what we needed greatly influenced our understanding and resulting beliefs from any life event. While our interpretations and reactions made sense at the time, some of the messages and beliefs we have created no longer serve a good purpose, so the client may choose to re-interpret the situation and create new, more effective associations and messages to accompany the memories.

My approach, therefore, is to help clients discover for themselves understandings of the messages behind memories and feelings and what those messages mean for them today. From there, they can re-interpret and create new beliefs that work well for them now.
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Past Life Regression

Some clients choose to use hypnosis to explore experiences outside of their current lives. These are referred to as past life regressions. Whether you believe that past life regression is "real" or a metaphorical way for the mind to present information, I can tell you that in my experience, such regressions have proven extremely helpful to clients as an approach to solving problems and gaining understanding.

People who experience past lives often find that they come to an understanding and even resolution of underlying feelings related to past traumas or experiences that have kept them from attaining their full potential in their current life. These understandings and revelations can and have proven to be life changing.

In order to provide the most meaningful and successful experience, new clients coming to me for past life regressions are required to first complete a two hour initial session. During that session, we will spend an hour or so exploring your needs, experiences and goals. The second hour will be dedicated to using a variety of hypnotic approaches to build your exploratory skills and invite your unconscious to play fluidly in this new way. I find that this approach makes the separate follow-up regression sessions much more fulfilling, healing and informative.

I will send you home the first day with a recording for you to use each day between your initial session and your regression. Actual past life regression sessions are scheduled to allow for as much time as needed. Generally that is at least two hours, and sometimes at much as 3.5 to 4 hours.

For information about fees for past life regressions, see here.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is the use of language and a set of techniques designed to take advantage of how our systems react to words, images, thoughts and experiences. There are countless books, bookshelves, web sites and terabytes written to define NLP, so I will not attempt to do so here.

Using these tools, it is often possible to quickly target and resolve an issue, by using strategies that have been part of successful experiences in the past to create new approaches to obstacles we are experiencing now.

NLP techniques also take advantage of the fact that changing our thoughts, changes our physicality and vice versa. Since we process using memories, imagination, senses and emotions, NLP techniques make use of these same resources to allow us to modify how we process problem situations and identify options that were not, at first, clear to us.
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Applied Kinesiology

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*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.

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Index of Uses for Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and Mental Performance Training

 Acting / Actors
 Anger Management*
 Anxiety and Fear*
 BAR Exam
 Bed Wetting

 Body Image
 Cancer Treatment*
 Child Birth

 Children's Issues
 Chronic Fatigue*
 Chronic Pain*
 Cigarette Smoking
 Creativity Increased

 Dog Show Handlers
 Emotional Healing*
 Emotions Resolved*
 Exercise Enthusiasm
 Fears and Phobias*
 Fear of Dentist
 Fear of Dogs
 Fear of Flying
 Fear of Heights
 Fear of Needles
 Fertility Relaxation
 Fibromyalgia Relief*
 Goal Setting
 Golf Performance
 Guided Imagery
 Guilt Release
 Habits Overcome
 Habits - Nail Biting
 Habits - Smoking
 Heal Injuries Faster
 Health - IBS*
 Health - Smoking
 Health - Weight
 Higher Understanding
 Irritable Bowel* 
 Mannerisms and tics
 Mental Blocks
 Mental Performance
 Pain Management*
 Past Life Regression
 Performance Anxiety
 Performance - Actors
 Performance - Sports
 Performance - Sales
 Performance - School
 Performance - Tests
 Personal Exploration

 Phantom Limb Pain 
 Public Speaking
 Quit Smoking
 Radiation Treatment*
 Regression to Cause
 Resolving Emotions*
Sales Confidence
 SAT Tests
 Self Confidence
 Self-Defeating Behavior
 Self Esteem
 Self Knowledge
 Sleep Peacefully
 Smoking Cessation
 Social Comfort

 Sound Healing
 Sound Sensitivity
 Sports Perf
 Sports - Bowling
 Sports - Equestrian
 Sports - Golf
 Sports - Tennis
 Stress Reduction
 Study Skills
 Surgical Preparation
 Surgery Recovery
 Test Performance
 Test Anxiety
 Traumatic Memories*
 Weight Mgt

*Diagnosed medical and psychological conditions require coordination with your medical provider. Such coordination is easy to initiate and is usually welcomed by treating physicians and counselors.